Memorial and funeral services provide an opportunity for the faith community to proclaim the good news of resurrection, witness to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit, to give thanks for and to celebrate the life of the one who has died, and to gather around and console those who mourn.

A pastor can be available during a time of loss and will help arrange the service.  Contact the church office at 847-256-3010 to make an appointment to speak to a pastor.

There are several forms of services:

  • Memorial:  A memorial service is conducted at the church and can take place days or weeks after death. A longer timeline can allow more opportunity for friends and family to receive notice and make arrangements to attend. The casket or urn is normally not present.
  • Funeral:  A funeral service is usually conducted within days of death. It is generally held at the church although it can be held at a funeral home. The closed casket or urn may be present.
  • Committal:  The committal is a short service at the graveside or columbarium that specifically ministers to the needs of loved ones. It consists of brief scripture readings and prayers. The committal may accompany a funeral or memorial service and be held either before or after the service. The service can be a small gathering for close relatives of the deceased person.

At First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette, memorial and funeral services may take place in the main sanctuary or Chapel. Livestreaming on YouTube is available on request.

For more information on memorial services, please click here.