Introducing Realm

First Pres Wilmette’s New Online Directory 

Realm is a secure online tool for members and constituents of First Pres. It’s similar to Facebook but only for our church community. Realm has many features that we will begin to use as more of us create our online accounts to manage individual and family profile information.

Phase 1 – begins January 25, 2023:

  • Wednesday – January 25th: Email invitation links will be sent to all Church members and regular participants through Realm to the primary email we have on record. (If we do not have your email or you do not receive an invitation, email us to request an invitation at )
  • You will be asked to create your Realm account with username and password, which will allow you to access your profile/contact information and profile/contact information for your family unit.  (Username will be your email; create and make note of your individual password which must contain at least eight characters.)
  • Each Realm account requires a unique email address.  If you share an email address with another adult, you will be able to update information for them and everyone in your family unit.  If they would like their own account, they will need to send a request from a different email to the church office.
  • Parents may request an invite link for children who are 13 years or older.
  • Review and update your contact and profile information.  Note names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, and relationship connections to others in your household/family unit.
  • Please upload a picture. Add one of you and photos of your family members.
  • After verifying your information in your new Realm account, we welcome you to download the Realm Connect App for your mobile device (see more details in the FAQ linked at the end of this page.)
  • If you give to the Church online, please do not change those settings in Phase 1.  Giving through Realm will come at a later phase. At this time you do have the ability to view your church giving history through your Realm account.

Later phases of our Realm roll-out will help the church use the group functions for communication, promoting scheduled church meetings and events, and online giving.

How can I get an invitation to join Realm?

Email and request an invitation. Then, you will receive an email invitation (Check your spam/junk folder just in case!).

What if I don’t have email or utilize the internet?

Our Deacons are ready to help their Care Partners and, along with the Realm Leader Team, help members who need to review and update their information manually. The office staff are also available to help with questions in the church office during the week. They will help you receive a printout of your profile/contact information and go over it with you to make sure it is updated in the Realm directory system. Printed directories will be made available by request once we feel we have the majority of information updated.

Who can see my contact information?

Only church members, regular participants, and staff who have been invited may log in. Once you log in, you choose your privacy settings for your contact information.

How do I update my information and edit my privacy settings?

Please keep your contact information up to date. You may change your information and privacy settings in Realm with these steps: (1) click your name at the top right corner (2) select “My Profile” (3) click “Edit Profile”. You may edit your privacy settings by clicking “Manage Privacy”.

How do I access the church directory?

Realm is our new online directory. The directory only works if everyone logs on, updates their contact information, and opts into the directory by unlocking their privacy settings. If you do not opt in, your information will not be visible to other church members. Once you log into Realm, click “Directory” in the option menu on the left. There you will find the contact information of all those who have logged in and opted in by updating their privacy settings. A PDF copy of the updated Church Directory will also be available through the Member Portal on our church website.

Can I get a printed copy of the directory?

Realm is replacing printed versions of the Directory. Printed copies are available to anyone without access to the internet. We want Realm to be the place to find contact information. We need your help by setting your privacy settings and keeping your contact information accurate.

Do I have to participate in the online church directory?

You control your privacy settings. You can choose what information to share. You can decide who sees your information. Please note that church staff will see your contact information. We suggest that you share your contact information as you would in a printed directory.

What if I forget my password?

Go to and click the blue “Forgot my password?” link. You will go through the process of creating a new password. Your username is the email address you used to create the account.

What if I have questions?

Staff in the church office are available to help with questions during the week. You can also get help through your Realm account page by clicking on the ? in the upper right portion of the screen.

How can I use Realm on my mobile device?

Please install the app after you have created your Realm account through a web browser by following your emailed invitation link. Then you can add the Realm Connect app to your iPhone or Android device. Search for Realm Connect (look for the above app icon). When the download finishes, log in with your username and password. The mobile app will allow you to find a member’s contact information.