During the summer of 2020, our nation watched the news footage of the brutal killing of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis. First Pres joined the worldwide outcry of disbelief and horror about the event, and as a church, we felt strongly that God was calling us to respond. The Racial Justice Committee was formed and inspired by the very first words of Scripture which teach us that we are all created in the image of God, of every race and people, to live as one community (Genesis 1:26-27). We aim to follow the ministry of Jesus, in word and deed, to embody the ways of love, break down the dividing walls of hostility between people, and let the kingdom of God emerge in the most unlikely places.  Our work during 2021 is summarized here.


This group meets regularly, working to build awareness, develop relationships, and make a commitment to dismantling racist structures, laws, and policies. If you would like to know more please, contact Pastor Jeff Lehn.

First Pres Racial Justice Committee Mission

Given the history of the Presbyterian Church and Chicago’s North Shore communities, the Racial Justice Committee is committed to thoroughly, intentionally, and continuously leading the First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette and the surrounding communities to root out and dismantle the evils of racism and white supremacy embedded in our social structures. Further, we aspire to have First Pres and the surrounding communities become models for inclusive, anti-racist, and multicultural places of worship and living. Nothing is more central to Christian beliefs than the sharing of Christ’s love among all people regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. Love, in turn, seeks justice for all of God’s children.

Our Call to Racial Justice: Racial Microaggressions

Our Call to Racial Justice: Racial Microaggressions Have you ever heard the term “death by a thousand cuts?” This is a metaphor for the racial microaggressions aimed at people of color constantly and continually throughout their lives. The term microaggression is defined as “an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized…

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Our Call to Racial Justice: Every Voice Heard

As midterm elections approach, it is a good time to remind ourselves of the privilege and responsibility we have as members of a democratic nation to vote. Unfortunately, equitable access to voting rights continues to be denied to many people in our country. Please take some time in the coming weeks to learn about how…

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A Call to Racial Justice: Equity and Equality

  The Racial Justice Committee invites you to delve further into topics around racial inequities to help us follow our call to “learn to do good; seek justice; rescue the oppressed;” (Isaiah 1:17). These links will be provided in the Bulletin and Daily Bread for the next two weeks. You are invited to visit, watch and…

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