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New Adult Faith Formation Class:
“Teach Us to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer in the Early Church and Today”
(Through – May 30, 8:30 am over Zoom)
Have you ever wondered why we recite the Lord’s Prayer every Sunday? What did it mean for the early church? Why are we still reciting it today? What do all of its phrases mean? Why are Luke’s and Matthew’s version of it a bit different? Join us for this seven-week class as we explore this famous and formative prayer together. The recent book by Justo Gonzalez, Teach Us to Pray: The Lord’s Prayer in the Early Church will be our guide. Led by Pastor Jeff, we’ll gather over Zoom each Sunday for an hour beginning at 8:30 am. We’ll begin our study by diving into the uses of the Lord’s Prayer in the early church. Then, we’ll spend the remaining six weeks walking through the prayer phrase by phrase. Scanned chapters from Gonzalez are available for your edification, but reading them in advance is not required to attend the class. We are all students here – come and deepen your prayer life with us! (Zoom Link; Meeting ID: 832 3379 4440; Passcode: 389051; Call-In: 312-626-6799)


We have a twice-monthly communication, “Moving Forward in Faith,” which will share news about how the church is moving forward in this time of Covid-19. It will inform you about faith opportunities, ways to connect with one another, and most importantly how fpcw will adapt to a “new normal” in the near and long term. We will continue to provide virtual worship opportunities and we want the services to be a meaningful experience and we encourage you to stay home as much as possible, modeling love for neighbors by “flattening the curve” of COVID-19’s spread. As you hunker down at home, if you are able to continue to fulfill your pledge by mailing in checks or giving electronically via the fpcw website, that would be greatly appreciated.

We love you and the pastors and staff want to connect with you! Have a prayer request? Please be in touch. Have a need for groceries, a book recommendation, a Netflix suggestion? Have an idea of how we can respond to the pandemic and love our neighbors? Let us know. Plans are also underway to reach out to every member of the congregation on a regular basis.

With gratitude and hope in Christ,
Pastor Jeff

Small-Group Ministry
“Connect” is the keyword in these days of isolation. There are nearly a dozen ways to connect to a small group ministry right now! Find your group, and grow your faith in new ways.
Our small group ministry strives to encourage all members to be a part of this wonderful way to grow in faith. Our small groups include three components:
1. Connect with one another through deep, meaningful, and authentic relationships. Doing life together leads to genuinely caring and supporting each other, and understanding
more of who God made us to be.
2. Grow in faith through intentional prayer practices, scripture reading, and honest discussion around how our lives are connected to and shaped by the Gospel.
3. Share the Gospel through actively being the hands and feet of Christ in the world together.
Please click this link Small Groups to access the list of small groups offered here at fpc