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In-person programming and activities are now scheduled to resume on Sunday, February 6, with worship continuing to be offered both in-person, with plenty of room to social distance, and online via Livestream. Activities which are scheduled to resume February 6 include: Choir, Sunday Fellowship Hour, Children and Youth (Mid-Week Meetup, Children’s Chapel, Tower, and 5/6 and 7/8 grade new programming). Committees may continue to decide collectively to meet in person or on Zoom but everyone in the church building must be masked.

The Congregational Meeting will now be held following the 10 am worship service on Sunday, February 6. The purpose of the meeting remains the same: 1) to vote on a change in the church’s by-laws allowing Zoom attendees to be included in the quorum and vote count in all congregational meetings; 2) approve the formation of an Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC). The following slate of nominees will be presented for election: Bill Bishop, Irris Boaz, Bob Hariman, Anthony Haro, Amy Lyon, Sharon Panzica, Mary Watt, Jane Western, and Marny Zimmer.

Important Sanctuary and Worship Updates

  • Air Exchange in the Sanctuary
    At fpcw we are fortunate to have an excellent air exchange system promoting good airflow throughout the
    Sanctuary including the balcony as well as the Wallace Moore Fellowship Center. Please note, as we are well
    within the colder months the air exchange system can cause cooler temperatures in the Sanctuary so please
    consider dressing warmly on Sundays.
  • Livestream on Sundays in the Lounge
    A special benefit of our ability to Livestream our worship services is you can sit comfortably in the Lounge on Sunday to watch the service if you desire more space or if you have a child who no longer wants to be in the Sanctuary. Also, please note: as our services are recorded each week and you do not wish to appear in the recording please consider sitting in the balcony, the Livestream cameras do not cover that area of the Sanctuary.


Small-Group Ministry
“Connect” is the keyword these days. There are nearly a dozen ways to connect to a small group ministry right now! Find your group, and grow your faith in new ways. Our small group ministry encourages all members to be a part of this wonderful way to grow in faith. Our small groups include three components:
1. Connect with one another through deep, meaningful, and authentic relationships. Doing life together leads to genuinely caring and supporting each other, and understanding more of who God made us to be.
2. Grow in faith through intentional prayer practices, scripture reading, and honest discussion around how our lives are connected to and shaped by the Gospel.
3. Share the Gospel through actively being the hands and feet of Christ in the world together.
Please click this link Small Groups to access the list of small groups offered here at fpcw