Sunday School

About Our Sunday School Ministry


God loves me! That’s the basis for all Sunday School classes, where children learn about God and Jesus through Bible stories. We align our curriculum according to the learning goals outlined in the fpcw Christian Formation Connections document. We are committed to working with children using developmentally appropriate activities based on children’s ages and stages.

In the summer we offer a “one room school house” model for Sunday School.  As children are dismissed from the Time for Young Disciples during worship, they are led together to their class.

The Infant and Toddler Nursery is a wonderful, caring, and safe environment for our youngest children, from birth to two years old. The nursery is staffed with two professional caregivers and occasional congregational volunteers each Sunday from 8:45 to 11:45 a.m. They give each child the best possible care during worship activities each week. The nursery is full of toys and books, offering the children a smooth transition. The nursery is located on the landing just half a flight of stairs from the sanctuary and balcony.

(Three years old by Sept. 1 or upon third birthday at parent’s discretion) After gathering together in the 10:00 a.m. Worship Service for a brief children’s sermon during the Time with Young Disciples, three- and four-year-old children are brought to their room on the lower level to begin their Sunday school class.

Preschoolers hear Bible stories and verses, sing Bible songs, and interact with play sets depicting biblical stories such as the Nativity and Noah’s ark. Games and a brief craft or art project will reinforce the Bible story or theme. Children experience simple prayer at story time and prior to snack time. Parents and other adult volunteers facilitate play, interaction, socialization, and the beginnings of structured classes. The threes and fours are also invited to participate in the annual Christmas pageant with the older children.

Kindergartners also gather together for Time with Young Disciples in the worship service and then proceed to their room on the lower level, next to the Preschool class. For Sunday school study, children explore a biblical idea taught in a variety of ways such as games, role playing a Bible story, art projects, and singing.

As the Sunday school year progresses, children begin to understand the Bible and its importance as the word of God. They have the opportunity to pray together as they learn the lesson of the day and its message to them. The children begin to share ideas and thoughts with parents and siblings through art projects and take-homes, retelling lessons learned. Kindergartners enjoy participating in the annual Christmas pageant through song and voice as they begin to understand the season of Advent and birth of Jesus.

GRADES 1 THROUGH 4 – Lighthouse
IMG_0044Children begin in 10 a.m. worship with their parents. After the Time with Young Disciples, they go upstairs to the Lighthouse Bible Knowledge Room, where they will experience elements of worship and an introduction to the Bible story. Children then separate into their grade classes (1st and 2nd; 3rd and 4th) for further discussion, activities and using the Bible to learn about God and Jesus Christ.

9.1.6 KID’S TIME
This class meets at 8:45 a.m., 2nd floor class room, every Sunday for children in grades 1 – 6, and gives families a chance to learn at the same time. Children participate in activities, games, and devotion time while parents go to Adult Formation class, practice with the choir or prepare for after-worship activities. The family can then worship together, or children can go to a different Sunday school class at 10:00.


A variety of worship, fellowship and educational activities are offered throughout the year to engage our children and families in the church.

Family Worship Sundays:
The last Sunday of each month offers the opportunity for families with children in 1st through 4th grades to worship together. Children’s worship bags with activities are available.

Bibles: Kindergarten children receive Bible story books and third grade children receive Bibles.

How to Use My Bible Workshop: Families with children who received Bibles explore the ins and outs of using their Bibles.

Advent Workshop: Families with children age 3 through 4th grade meet to explore Advent and make crafts.

Christmas Pageant: Presented each year, the pageant has a place for everyone to participate, including adults! Learn the Christmas story by being in the story.

Communion Workshop: Parents and children in grades 1 – 4 learn about communion together.

Journey to the Cross: On Good Friday, families walk through scenes from Holy Week to learn more about what happened between Palm Sunday and Easter.

Vacation Bible School Camp: First Presbyterian and other churches in Wilmette offer a one-week VBS Camp during the summer, where children from age 3 through 4th grade learn Bible stories through song, crafts, games and storytelling. Children in 5th grade and above can participate as helpers and leaders.

Mission Activities: age-appropriate mission at fpcw during and after worship to support our mission partners

Fellowship Activities: sledding, bowling, skating, and other fun, age-appropriate activities.