Adult Education

IMG_0112Adult Faith Formation are groups for adults that meets for light breakfast and discussion on Sunday mornings at 8:45 am. This adult education opportunity includes various Biblically-based and theologically thoughtful discussions.

Redeemed Economics, A conversation on faith, money and possessions

Sundays November 4, 11 and 18 at 8:45 a.m. in the Upper Room

How much should I give?   Do I have too much stuff?  What does Jesus say about money?  Join us for this three-part series that will explore how our Christian faith informs and shapes how we think about money and possessions and how we use them for ourselves and for God’s world.

Nov. 4: We will look at how wealth (possessions and land) were understood in the Old Testament context.  Of special importance, will be how the practice of Sabbath and Jubilee helped regulate one’s wealth, as well as ensured care for the poor.

Nov. 11:  We will explore a few passages from the New Testament that help us understand how to view money and possessions with a theological lens (from Jesus, Paul, James and John and more!). What begins as a good gift from God can often turn into a stumbling block or idol. How can we redeem this tendency and think Christianly about money and possessions?

Nov. 18:  Africans view money in a much different way than Westerners.  For them giving, borrowing and loaning money demonstrates solidarity – mutual economic and social support – and celebrates a core value of interdependence.  With this in mind, we will discuss what it might look like for us to live a life of redeemed economics.


Bible Study meets every Thursday morning at 10am in the Upper Room of the church. This group digs deeper into the books of the Bible for insights about scripture and our faith journeys. All are welcome. For more information about which Book of the Bible the group is currently studying, please contact Bonnie Wehrenberg.