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Daily Bread

Okay, deep breath. Seriously, take a deep breath. In and out. Inhale and exhale. Read the below passage from Philippians aloud. Say a prayer, asking for God’s peace be made known to you in a tangible way. We are going to be okay. We are going to take this day by day. We are going […]

Virtual Sunday Worship Service

We love you, we miss you and we’re praying for you in this disconcerting time. We will miss being with you for in-person worship but we are providing a virtual service for you to experience at home. You will find it’s similar to the service we hold on a typical Sunday. Feel free to adapt […]

Common Life for the week of May 25th, 2020

We continue to encourage our small groups to stay connected and one way is to continue to gather for a Zoom meeting. Since we are not meeting in person these remote gatherings have been a good alternative. During our video worship service we continue to set aside time for Our Common Life announcements. If you […]